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We are a professional cleaning service provider and offer a wide range of cleaning solutions that will help you transform your property into a neat, clean and healthy home. To receive any of our services, give us a call, tell us all about your needs and pick a suitable date and time. We are available 7 days a week and will send a cleaning team for your appointment.

The booking process is easy and can be done over the phone. Find a list of the basic tasks included in our services below. Keep in mind that you can customise the project and book additional tasks.

Specialized Cleaning Services

To receive the perfect cleaning service, feel free to take advantage of the other cleaning tasks we offer. Combine more than one service and we will provide you with everything that you need. You can choose to add carpet and upholstery deep cleaning, oven cleaning, post-construction cleaning and more. We will send the most suitable team and supply the technicians with the tools and products required for the completion of all tasks. If you are not sure what to add to your service, let us know about your situation and we will assist you in creating the perfect project.

How does it work?

  • Contact us

    Request one of our services via phone, email or by filing the form on our website. We will request some basic information about the situation.

  • Receive information

    Expect a call from your booking agent – they will provide you with extra information and help you pick the perfect service, as well as the most suitable date and time.

  • Enjoy your new property

    Our cleaning teams will arrive right on time and quickly transform your home.You’ll be amazed by the spotless and fresh environment they’ll create with their meticulous attention to detail.

Clean home with our Professional Cleaning Tasks sheet


  • Clean, scrub and disinfect all work tops, counters and tiled surfaces.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances – oven, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, extractor, etc.
  • Clean or replace the extractor filter if needed.
  • Wipe down and polish windows, window frames and sills and door frames.
  • Organise and clean (both inside and out) all cabinets and drawers.
  • Dispose of all rubbish, wash and disinfect the bins.
  • Scrub, vacuum and mop the entire floor of the kitchen.

Living Area

  • Dust removal from all surfaces.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all carpets, upholstery and other areas. Dust and hair removal.
  • Polishing of all wooden and glass surfaces.
  • Polishing of all windows inside and out, including window sills and frames.
  • Dust and clean all appliances – TV, air conditioner, sound systems and others.
  • Cleaning and polishing of frames pictures, light fixtures and decorations.


  • Vacuum cleaning of all carpets and your mattress.
  • Bed linen washing and replacement.
  • Clean, dust and polish all furniture, counters and other surfaces.
  • Window cleaning (both inside and out) including window frames.
  • Mirrors, framed pictures, light fixtures and other items will be wiped down and polished.
  • Cupboards and closets will be organised and cleaned inside and out.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of the entire floor.


  • Dust, wipe down and disinfect all counters and surfaces.
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces will be polished.
  • Scrubbing and disinfection of the toilet bowl and seat.
  • Cleaning and polishing of bathroom fixtures.
  • Window cleaning including frames and window sills.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of the bathroom floor.
  • Disinfection of all faucets and light fixtures.

Effective Cleaning Service on a Fair Price

carpet cleaning earls courtCleaners Earls Court’s cleaning technicians have been trained and taught in the many and different ways of cleaning and providing the desired results. We vouch for our diligent cleaning employees to make the best of your situation and renew completely.
Our cleaning tools and technology have also been updated and tested for efficiency. We dispose with all the necessary cleaning tools and materials to complete the cleaning chore to your satisfaction. Based on your desire and preferences we can offer you a series of cleaning methods and techniques which will make your home cleaned, spotless and refreshed!

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Earls CourtPrices
Studio flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £139
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in Earls CourtPrices
One Off Cleaning£20/h
Domestic Cleaning£20/h
Regular Cleaning£19/h
Deep Cleaning£20/h

Carpet Cleaning in Earls CourtPrices
Hallway carpetfrom £4
Bedroom carpetfrom £23
Living room carpetfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £55.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Treatment

carpet cleaning services in earls courtCleaners Earls Court understands the struggle of cleaning your carpets on your own. Not only is it uncertain whether you will secure the desired end results, but there is also the danger of exposing your carpet to the wrong cleaning solutions and ruining it entirely. Cleaners Earls Court is here for you to make sure that doesn’t happen! Our professional cleaners will treat your carpets and rugs with the appropriate solutions and force the dirt out.

Our teams are capable of cleaning carpets and rugs of different size and fabric. Whether your carpet is big or small, made of sensitive fabric with special cleaning requirements it will receive the cleaning it deserves.

Our carpet cleaning service is available for all the residents of Earls Court. Those who wish to have their carpets renewed can book a cleaning with us on the phone, or come straight to our office in Earls Court and discuss your personalized cleaning. We will give you an estimate based on your requirements and answer any questions you have regarding the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Earls Court:

  • Moving furniture which stands in the way of our technicians
  • Pre-treating of any visible stubborn stains
  • Special care is paid to worn-out and high-traffic areas
  • Using environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products
  • Deep hoovering
  • Deep steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction method)
  • Moisture extraction (we extract up to 95 percent of the moisture)
  • Neutralising unpleasant smells
  • Deodorising the carpets

We can reassure you that none of our solutions will harm your carpets or their fabric. All of our techniques and methods have been tested and proven safe, yet effective, against stubborn stains and excessive amount of dirt deeply embedded within the fibre. We use the latest shouts of technology to clean your carpets and deliver the results you desire. In addition, none of the solutions and mixtures we use in the process have been chemically-influenced. They consist purely of natural substances with strong cleaning powers- which is just one more reason why you should have Cleaners Earls Court undertake the cleaning of your carpets for you.

  • Cleaners Earls Court provides all types of cleaning- deep or light, you can rest assured that it will be carried out to your satisfaction.
  • Based on your preferences we can vacuum and shampoo your carpets/rugs. By using specialized cleaning tools we are able to cover all corners and edges and remove the dirt effectively.
  • Deep-cleaning has two possible variations- steam/hot water extraction treatment or dry cleaning. Both effective, but based on the carpet’s cleaning requirements one might be more appropriate than the other.
  • Most of our cleaning methods leave the items almost completely dry and you don’t have to go through the trouble of carrying them around and waiting them to dry off.

The carpet cleaning chore is best being outsourced to real professional cleaners who will provide the necessary cleaning techniques and methods to cure your carpets off the unwanted stains and excessive dirt and dust. Look no further, because we are the right service for the job- nowhere in Earls Court will you come across such diligent service with impeccable end result and a guarantee for an efficient cleaning process.

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Thrilled Customers Speak Out

“You have got to be the best end of tenancy cleaning service I have had the pleasure to come across. I have used a couple different cleaning services before for certain areas, carpets and furniture, but never one so diligent and professional like yours. My carpets look lovely and I thank you for that, sincerely. – Greta”

“I spent a lot of time, energy and nerves trying to clean the stains off my carpets and for what? I have always had your cleaning service within range. If I knew you were so good at cleaning and transforming carpets I would have had you clean mine a long time ago. You were terrific and thanks! – Ellen”

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